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March 20 - Biscuits News & Bring DJ Kitty


There aint none.

And for the record, the Rays are the only parent of a Southern league club that HASNT assigned a player to or released a player from Double-A this month.

We haven't even heard what the Alfa giveaway would be, and I was under the impression we might have seen an announcement about that a few weeks ago. Perhaps they realized a Victor Mateo bobblehead was needed and had to make alterations to the R.C.Lichtenstein nodder?

Whatever the reason, the next two weeks should ramp up the readings on the Skitz-meter.

Some fans have been asking me if DJ Kitty will be coming with the Rays. I hope so, I think its a rare chance to get DJ Kitty and the Rays. We have had Raymond visit in the past, hopefully we can get him to come again and bring his friend DJ Kitty for the full *Rays* experience!

I think its a perfect fit, be sure to tweet to @BiscuitsBaseball and the @TampaBayRays that you want to #BringDJKitty to the #RaysAtRiverwalk to help convince them! Maybe send them the super-high quality photo above!


So here the idea is a simple tribute to those who we have cheered at Riverwalk that have gone on to realize every boys dream of making the Big Leagues.

Chris Seddon - an early MLB-skit
Somewhere in the park, paint the names of those players who were Biscuits and the year he was here along with the year he made it to the bigs on the sidewalk.

The walking path behind the left field wall would be perfect, near the already popular train tracks. It would give a simple tip of the cap to the ballplayers and offer a nice photo op for fans in the form of a stepping stone path of names.

It would be a nice way to remind fans who we have had and add interest to the park without going overboard with some expensive or pretentious display.

John Jaso as a Biscuit
I think we need this to educate folks about our rich baseball history, even the recent players. Its gotten so many of the fans, and even the staff, don't realize the players we have had.

Sure, everyone knows Price and Longo, but last summer I had Big Mo give me a hard time about the AllStar Jersey I was wearing - Big Mo obviously didn't remember when AllStar reliever Evan Meek was lurking in our own bullpen!


This is the time of year Montgomery baseball history is really brimming with interesting anecdotes and important events.

MARCH 20 1902 Announcement that W.H.Raglan has bought Mgm a team in the Southern league is made official locally.

Raglan is one of the heads of Mgm Traction Company. The Traction Co. is the street railway system, the trolley line that provides Montgomery with its public transportation. Obviously its a great investment for Raglan, as fans flock to games on the streetcar, generating volumes of riders during the summer months.

MARCH 20 1908 Philadelphia vs Mgm, game two.
Overshadowed by the big news of the day, Ty Cobbs signing for $4ooo with an $800 bonus if he hits over .300 Montgomery hosts the Athletics in a second exhibition game.

In game two, no box score has been found yet. Bummer, as I would love to know how it turned out.

MARCH 20 1911
Sunday Baseball Bill Goes Through

Measure is Passed by Senate By 12 to 11 Votes

Mobile rep. Bart Chamberlain’s Sunday baseball bill came to the senate and passed by nearly a tie vote of 12 to 11. It allowed cities to hold baseball games on Sundays, often a valuable weekend date for drawing crowds, but not previously allowed under state law.

Thomas Kilby
The bill was not without its detractors. Mr. Kilby of Anniston, speaking against the bill, compared city of Mobile with Sodom and Gomorrah and said the bill was an effort to repeal the Ten Commandments. 

Kilby, for whom the state prison is named, would later be governor. In a possibly related story, the Sunday baseball bill would later be repealed.

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