Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Bedard, Big Mo's Friend

Saturdays starter wont be Eric Bedard - the veteran was released/opted out of his contract with the Rays when he didn't make the major league team.

Its also not going to be Alex Colome, who was suspended 50 games for using a steroid intended for horses. Wow, I dont usually say it, but how stupid can a guy be? Come on, Alex, you gotta be kidding! 

It also probably won't be Matt Moore, who wore a line drive and had to have stitches. Good thing he got that glove up enough to get a piece of the ball before it got a piece of him!

Bullpen watches Mateo work
However, my prediction of Victor Mateo is still alive, and there are two teams that he could take the hill for. My chances are good!haha


This morning we learned that Big Mo was lonely and needed a friend. A quick check of Mo's photo history agrees...
You wanna YMCA for a dollar, lady?

Its nice, but not likely to have an effect on attendance. You can see the new "friend" here....

Yes, its a pig
We get to name the pig that Big Mo will be chasing around the bases before each game to the cries of "soo-ey" and comments like "thems good eatin.." and "I told you cornfields were awesome".


Biscuits Owner

Have you noticed how she looks abit like the team owner from the movie Major League?
Movie Owner

Back in 1906?

The Mack-led Athletics were training here, Rube Waddell had just been told to stop eating crackers in bed - Rube's roommate Ossie Shreckengost had held out during contract negotiations until that clause was put into the deal!

The Yanigans were one of the two scrimmage teams the Mackmen were assigned to during spring camp, essentially the varsity squad.

Who could forget the time Chief Myers let himself out for the first time? 

We dont get the final score, but that we scored three runs and theres no mention of the A's tally could mean that we got the better of that affair. Perhaps the Pittsburgh Press didn't want to let the fans at home know the A's were shut out and beaten three to nothing!

Chief Bender is an Ace, I would loved to have seen him pitch, even in a spring game. He is a Hall of Famer who appeared in five world series, won almost twice as many games as he lost and posted a stellar 2.46 ERA in 16 seasons. He also hit .212 lifetime, an all around player.

Yes, he is a real indian, a Native American who grew up in a log house with a dirt floor. Charlie went on to be an innovator and all around renaissance man who said he was proud of his heritage but would rather be known as "pitcher".

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