Sunday, April 6, 2014

Biscuits crush Barons, Pig named Food

Mgm finally on happy side
An old fashioned barn-burner at the yard, by the time the Biscuits came to bat in the second inning we had seen every hitter in both lineups.

Just as the day before, the Barons took an early lead of the type that would have been a deathblow to Skitz teams past - but not this batch of buttery boys. They fight back and the fans in the stands love it.

The Biscuits came back after giving up four runs to take the lead in bottom of the first and never looked back. Even though Skitz starting pitcher Mortensen was chased after just one out in the second inning Montgomery kept putting runs on the board, eventually tallying 14 and moving to within a game of taking the series.

This team has got to get its starting pitching to go deeper into games, but its looking like a fun summer for Montgomery baseball fans!


Miss Gravy
The pig is named Miss Gravy and I think its awkward they named it after food. No chance that name got the most submissions, meaning even those who wanted to play along with the "name the pig" were left wondering.

Personally, I like the pig. The pig is the future, shes the face of the organization. I say we keep the pig and that gives us enough mascot depth to deal Big Mo. That would open up more playing time for Monty the Biscuit, who is sometimes disrespected by the team. 

Besides, if the pig brings a team like we saw this week we might want two pigs!


APRIL 6 1898 
Montgomery hosts Auburn (known as alabama polytech at the time) in an exhibition game.

This is one of the oldest game reports I have found on Montgomery baseball, I'm not even sure what park/where this game took place. I dont usually post news reports this long, but I know there is at least one Auburn fan out there so the rest of you will have to just scroll on down!

E.B.Joseph, Mgm manager

APRIL 6 1946 

The Cincinnati Reds face the Boston RedSox in exhibition DoubleHeader!

The RedSox win game one 10-0 on a two hitter by pitcher Tex Hughson.

The Reds win game two 7-5 at Cramton Bowl. The second game consisting of the reserves for both teams, the starting squads playing in game one.

The 1946 Red Sox are World Series bound, though of course they will be turned away by the Cardinals.

Pittsburgh Press gets the game one score wrong!

APRIL 6 1953 
Montgomery Rebels host the Philadelphia Athletics at Paterson Field

Bobby Shantz
The Rebels fall to the big leaguers 13-5, reigning American League MVP Bobby Shantz doing the pitching handles the Rebels fairly easily, as the home team scores only once until the 9th inning.

Philadelphia  AL   300-032-320 13-11-2
Montgomery SAL 000-010-004 5--7-2
» Shantz. Rozck (8 and Astroth: Host. Kleinsmith ( 6 ) . Letchworth (7) and McWhorter, Pinkham ( 6 ) .

Home runs-Zernial and Clark.
Winning pitcher-Shantz.
Losing pitcher- Host.

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