Friday, April 25, 2014

Brady's Biscuits on a Roll

Brady's Boys have taken the Southern League by storm in the first three weeks of 2014. For many in Montgomery, first place Biscuits mean just one thing....

The Skitz took four out of five from the MsBraves, treating the fans to a nice mix of power and speed as well as defense. If you have been waiting for the team to win some games before coming out to the park, its time to buy some tickets!

Montgomery seems to score often and is no stranger to coming back from a deficit to win games. Off to the best start in franchise history, the team finds ways to win and has come to expect a victory even when they trail early. While it may be true that it will take a losing streak to find out the character of the team, a prolonged string of defeats appears unlikely.

Casali #13
The parent club has given the impression that it expects wins from the Biscuits as well, quickly sending replacements for injured pitchers. In past seasons it would be the norm to see the bullpen long man take a spot in the rotation and cutting the legs out from under the pitching rotation. If this year were last, we would likely be seeing Jake Thompson taking a start for the inured Grayson Garvin.

While that could still happen, and it may yet be seen that P's Matt Neil and Bryce Stowell might not be ready for the Southern League, its a darn sight better than the nothing we have gotten in past years.

RHP Matt Lollis
Pitcher Matt Runion is the man jam with, I'm told. Runion is the only guitar-playing Biscuit and I hope to get a chance to sit down and see what tunes I can pick up from him!

Matt Lollis feels the schedule makers missed a chance to prove their intelligence by scheduling the 10:35am game on getaway day. Instead the schoolkids day game was on tuesday, with the last game of the series vs the Braves on Wednesday at 7:05pm.

Manager Brady Williams gives signs at first base that are tough to pick up. Running thru his motions in the third base coaches box he is slick and subtle, much different than his predecessor Billy Gardner Jr.

A clean shaven Luke Bailey was added to the roster following LHP Garvins injury. How he will get into games around Luke Maile and Curt Casali isn't known, both are hitting too well to sit for long.


April 25, 1966
Mike Kilkenny's Bad Day

Lefty Mike Kilkenny
In a Southern League matchup, Michael D. Kilkenny of the Montgomery Rebels uncorks a record tying 5 wild pitches vs the Macon Peaches.

Mike Kilkenny would be a major leaguer with the Tigers, later with Oakland, the Padres and and Cleveland. As a reliever and spot starter the Canadian lefthander appeared in over 130 games and striking out over 300 hitters. His rookie season Kilkenny tossed four shutouts on his way to an 8w-6L record.

Rookie Stars w/Kilkenny
Never again would he be so wild, cutting down on the wild pitches - four is the most in a season after 1966. In fact Kilkenny figured out alot while on the hill at Paterson Field, mostly in relief. His ERA dropped from over 4.00 in '66 to 2.88 in '67 and down to a meager 1.20 in 1968. Obviously a pitcher with an ERA of a buck-twenty earns a promotion, going to Toledo before making his MLB debut in 1969.

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