Monday, April 27, 2015

Biscuits En Fuego

The Skitz are off to their usual fast start, fresh biscuits are always best and the team is hot from the oven. They may cool off, but its good to be hanging around the .500 mark. The weather has played along nicely and the schedule has now given fans a chance to see their home nine face division doormat Jackson Generals.

The Generals came in for the weekend with simply the worst record in the league. Montgomery took advantage of the situation by winning the first two games and now seek to capture another series victory. 


With three games left in the series vs Jackson, fans should look for more of what the Biscuits do - starting pitching and late inning baserunners. Scoring after the 7th inning is a good habit to have and the Skitz stay in the game to the last hitter.

Look for the Generals to break out at some point, though with any luck it will be after wednesday's day game finale! The Gens are armed with prospects such as 3b D.J.Peterson and 1b Jordy Lara as well as former LSU standout "Neon" Leon Landry. Managed by Lance Painter, the Generals have a tough task to turn around a terrible start.

Thursday the Biscuits begin a road series in Mississippi against the Braves, a series which will open a new month and close the book on April.

When the Biscuits next series begins, look for "The Clock" to be a factor for umps and players as we learn what issues arise from timing a game that probably shouldn't be timed.

APRIL 26 1906
Ike Durrett
Montgomery manager Ike Durrett, in a game at Birmingham, assaults umpire Buckley. This would be a factor two days later, when Durrett is refused permission to sit in the dugout during the game and results in a forfeit when manager Durrett refuses to leave.

APRIL 28 1906
Montgomery forfeits to the Barons after manager Ike Durrett is refused permission to sit in the dugout by an umpire he attacked two days before. Durrett will be fined $300 by President Kavanaugh and eventually released by Montgomery.

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