Monday, April 13, 2015

First Week Review & How to Get Free Biscuits

With rainstorms fast approaching and the day game finale in question, the Biscuits have given fans a look at what they offer even if the last contest of the series should fall to mother nature. We welcomed the team to town last week with the happy return of the Meet the Team event, which gave us a chance to get a first look at the players and put faces to the names on the roster.

"Shaffer and O'Conner say if we ask Sherry Myers she will give us all the free biscuits we can eat"
Four games, one win and lots of strikeouts on both sides of the ball. There is some speed at the top of the lineup, some power in the middle and good defense in the field. Starting pitching has been strong, the bullpen has yet to decide if it is very good or very bad.

"Dude, I can't believe they fell for that!"

For the first time, an official clock adorned the stadium walls. One was behind home plate and a second located near the left-field pole. Its there, no doubt, but until the start of May clock rules won't be included as a part of the game action.

My opinion of the clock? I think its useless - we will probably not see many opportunities for the clock to come into play. Even rarer will we actually see an umpire issue a punitive ball or strike. Rarer still will be a game in which the outcome is determined by such a call by an on-field arbiter.

And that day we will be on every sports highlight show when the manager of the affected team expresses his opinion to the offending official!

A very well-placed-yet-unnammed source in the Skitz front office informed me that we have almost zero chance of getting Lou Whitaker to come to Montgomery for the AllStar Game. While it is the league that reaches out to those who have been inducted into the SL Hall of Fame, we should not have high hopes on getting much response from the former greats who are used to commanding tall dollars for appearances.


On the good news side, I was given the heads up on one special guest - D.J.Kitty! The fave feline of Rays fans everywhere, there is a very good chance we will see the Tampa hepcat at the Southern League ASG this June.

DJ Kitty and Astro
While not exactly mainstream, DJ Kitty is a blog fave and always popular at The Trop! This is a real win for the blog, we tried to convince the Rays to put the cat out for the Rays visit last spring. Even though we didn't get kitty then, it must have been enough to be noticed and we look forward to welcoming the fuzzy friend to Riverwalk.

Yes, I know, I was gruff and didn't have pics edited for the last blog. I'm sorry, and to make up for it here are some more of the photos I have from the first week of the Biscuits season.
Big Mo sneaking up on Hector
Catchers during practice

Timmons introduces outfielders to "Death Valley"

Their prospect, Byron Buxton

Our prospect, Daniel Robertson

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