Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hammered Friday, Bullpen Life

Wow did the Biscuits get hammered on Friday!
Everything that could go wrong, did. Things that shouldn't go wrong did. Things that never go wrong did as well. It was a mess, with errors, wild throws, bloop hits and close calls that all went the other way. It was just an all-round clunker.


Jared Mortensen showed he can make a spot start on a days notice.

Sure he was tagged for the loss, but knuckleball pitchers have to learn to live with occasional bad results. Having the physical ability to come out and throw sixty pitches on short notice is a huge plus for Morty. He was an AllStar last year and is even better with the knuckleball in his arsenal.

Well, also Montgomery didn't waste any runs on the game, giving up eight usually means an L so maybe we bottled them for later.

Marjama catching with 1b Mitt
Pitcher Jared Mortensen hit 95mph on the stadium radar gun, the first time I had noticed him dialing up his fastball that high.

Behind the plate catcher Mike Marjama looked to be using a first basemans mitt to catch Mortensen last night.

The wider glove helps knock down the knuckler a little better, but it can't feel nice when Morty reaches back for a mid-90s fastball!

Miss Gravy was at the park last night. The suidae mascot of the Biscuits had not yet appeared at a game, having happily taken up a comfortable residence with a family on a nearby farm.

Yet the front office assured me Miss Gravy is a permanent member of the team and will make the big games. Fans love her and its a sure thing she will keep coming back. "She will be here, people ask about her every game" GM Scott Trible told me.

Biscuits reliever Steve Ascher has inspired me to start a new segment: Bullpen Life.

Guys in the pen don't get enough respect, left in the far corner till they need to be called upon. Yet they are one of the most important parts of a good team.

Often they need to be ready twenty pitches before they know to get warm, its a life of wait and hurry and wait again. So as I get a chance I will try to post up photos of the bullpen guys in action, or in-action as the case may be.

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