Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TN Welcomes, Skitz Not Happy

The Biscuits have not enjoyed going to Tennessee, this year the team is just 2 wins against 5 losses.

The Biscuits wont be done seeing the Volunteer state just yet. Later this month Brady's guys will go to Chattanooga for a series against the Lookouts. After that set the Skitz won't have to go back to Tn until July. However they will have to figure out how to get past those three teams eventually. From July 9th through August 21st there are four road trips and you guessed it - three of the series are in Tennessee.

Not that anyone is ready to start planning for the second half, Montgomery is just keeping pace with the Generals. A one or two game lead isn't a huge mountain to climb in April, the Biscuits are lurking within striking distance and have all the tools to do it.

 We saw our first time-related officiating at Riverwalk in the series against the Braves. A batter was handed a first strike for failing to get into the box fast enough. In another instance a pitcher called for a ball when he didn't get to the set position before the clock ran out.

Twice in a series the clock rule was called, when it didn't appear to happen even one time last summer.

Looks like we should expect it to be called more often. Umpires must have gotten the memo to enforce the new rule.

A lot of folks seem to dig the photos I take for the blog, and I mentioned I took a lot of photos last week. Im feelin like Crosseyed Larry after going through them all.

I did find a few good ones. I tried to get everyone on the roster but its tough to get all twenty five guys. I will include some of them in the blog over the next few weeks.

One of my fave things to see is the Biscuits first baseman putting the tag on a baserunner who has strayed too far from the bag. Jake Bauers seems to enjoy it just about as much as me.

Biscuit pitchers may have been knocked around a little in Tennessee, but its actually good for the team.

Jacob Faria
 Developmentally speaking, finding out what a player needs to work on or get better at is an important aspect of coaching.

Biscuit-wise, an inflated ERA could indicate a player would stay in the Montgomery rotation a couple extra starts.

And you know they won't finish with those numbers, it's way too early to start looking at stats.

One player I look for to break out is Braxton Lee. With just a handful of hits he has flown under the radar but simply has too much talent to keep down.

Braxton Lee drops down a bunt
In fact, Lee didn't even need a hit to win a game, taking four balls with the bases loaded in a walk-off victory shows the discipline of the young hitter.

A guy hitting low in the order with a batting average lower than his weight often wants to prove himself with a big hit. Taking a walk helped the team more than swinging hard.

APRIL 20 1893
Joe McGinnity is signed to play for the Montgomery Colts by John McCloskey & makes his first start, beating Nashville 10-4.

The future Iron Man held the opposition to just five hits on the day he stepped off the train in Montgomery.

APRIL 20 1908
Nashville and Montgomery battle for 15 innings without a run before darkness ends the contest.
1908 Montgomery Climbers

APRIL 20 1920
"Negro Southern League is Formed - Montgomery Team Will Play Exhibition Game With Crack Indianapolis Club -

The local negro baseball team known as the Grex Sox will open the Negro Sourthern League season in Montgomery on Friday, April 30, May 1 and 2 with the Birmingham Giants.
1920 Montgomery Gray Sox
 The league is composed of eight clubs, Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Pensacola, New Orleans, and Jacksonville. The opening dates are Birmingham at Montgomery, New Orleans at Pensacola, Knoxville at Nashville, Jacksonville at Atlanta.

President Staples of the local club has gathered together one of the strongest aggregations of ball tossers in the South, having returned from a scouting trip Wednesday with three new pitchers. He assures the public of clean baseball and is out for the first pennant of the new league. No games will be played in any town when a Southern League team is playing.

On Tuesday, April 20, the Grey Sox will entertain the strong A.B.C. club of Indianapolis, Indiana, the strongest negro club in the country. The game will give the local fans an opportunity of seeing just what kind of club the Grey Sox will be.

The game will be played in Southside park on South Holt street, just one half block from the car line. The new park has a special grand stand for white patrons."
Site of Southside Park

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