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Nice, I like feb alot!
Its when pitchers and catchers report!
And when the prospect lists start coming together, the Caribbean Series and all sorts of baseball related activities. It means March Madness is just around the corner and that spring training games are just a few short weeks away. Its a fun time, when we start looking forward to what warmer weather may bring.


Recently in a blog post I touted Johnny Price and his amazing acrobatic baseball work. You are in luck viewers, as I have found the film! Hold onto your hats, prepare to see baseball like you never have before!

Dude is impressive!
Much more of a natural athlete than other clowns, and totally entertaining.
I was reminded of this a couple years ago when the Evan Longoria commercial came out, showing his supernatural reflexes!

Longo is amazing, I have seen his work up close and in person, but I might need a vid of him taking swings and making contact while hanging upside down from his ankles.

I bet he could.... mebbe we can ask him to give it a go sometime and accept the challenge!


Reid Brignac was given the dreaded "designated for assignment" tag by the Rays, his career with Tampa likely over. At one time it seemed that he and Evan were destined to be the left side of the Rays infield for the next decade plus, but the quiet middle infielder has struggled to put the ball in play consistently. At this point a change in venue is probably best for all, though Reid could have plenty of good years ahead, although it wont entail playing a few feet to the left of Longo.
Reid Brignac wearing #8 for Montgomery


Back in April of 2005, the Biscuits held their meet-the-team event. Pure Americana under the roof in front of the ticket office. Some folding chairs were set to face other folding chairs, no risers or elevated stage, just at face level. At that time there was a handful of fans and interested parties, but the players outnumbered the attendees.

As it rained cats and dogs and even some small farm animals, I recall meeting James Shields and telling him "oh yeah it rains like this about three times a week". Pure lies, but it was great to see the look on Shields face as he pondered leading the league in rain-outs!
James Shields working quickly before it rains again

Also on that team, two shy but obviously gifted athletes - Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes. They both appeared nervous to be in a close setting with fans, ready to bolt at the first sign of danger. The irony of Delmon getting a new contract on the same day of Elijahs arrest this offseason was not lost on me. Heres one guy who has just helped his team to the World Series, and the other so out of baseball that another drug bust doesnt even affect his playing time.

The odd part is that while we hear about his legal troubles, I never hear about Dukes being a jerk to random people on the streets. While on the other hand, Delmon is known to be the kind of guy who will make anti-semitic insults to people in a New York hotel before slamming them to the pavement.
Dukes swipe of third as a Biscuit wasnt a felony

Yet its Delmon that gets a share of world series money and a contract with the Phillies -albeit with a six million dollar pay cut. Still, better than a poke in the eye, as my mama would say. Or better even more than Dukes January 22nd drug arrest. Its odd to see two people diverge in such dramatic fashion.
Delmon as a Biscuit in 2005

That being said, I have to point out that its just some pot, people. At least he wasn't injecting heroin into baby seals or mainlining guppies in front of pregnant women. Its not like he threw a bat at an umpire, right?

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