Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wil He?

What Surprises Await Next?

Can the Biscuits contend this year, after noone expected any team in the southern league to get anywhere near the Jackson Generals? We put together a nice run in spite of having the best players moved up to Durham when we needed them, and not getting replacements where we could have used them.

If the core of this team comes together like it did, and there are a couple surprises, it could be a great season to be a Biscuits fan!


Among the possible surprises would be the arrival of new prospects. A check of the official website of milb shows they list the Biscuits roster having Wil Myers. That would be a surprise indeed, as Myers hit over 300 at triple-A Omaha. However, it isnt beyond the realm of reality to have him come to the Southern League and play for the Biscuits.

For starters, Myers will be in the minors on opening day, so as to delay his service time which delays his being eligible for salary arbitration in a couple years. Its cheap, its questionable, its maybe not even morally just, but its Tampas method.

Also, the Rays know that Double-A is where you spot issues in development and they love to have players here. Even for a few weeks, just to make sure the guy is able to get himself to the ballpark on time or figure out how to pack for a road trip. Maybe its to scout him out to learn if he snores, but whatever it is they often do it. Just ask Scott Kazmir, who started for the Biscuits for less than six weeks after arriving in a huge trade with the Mets back in 2004.

Kazmir with the Inaugural Biscuits team

Another reason they might want to consider having Myers at Montgomery would be to make sure that .300 average wasn't a product of Pacific Coast League ballparks. The PCL is known to be hitter friendly, batting averages are often higher and pitcher stats suffer from it. Wil split time at Double-A and Triple-A last year, hitting huge 37 homers, putting up over a hundred runs batted in and batting at an excellent .314 clip.

A month in the Southern League would be a nice reassurance that Myers numbers from 2012 were the real deal and that he has developed well past his last full season at Double-A levels when he hit a much more pedestrian .254 with eight homers.

Myers looks confused about it himself
A slow spring training or any sort of physical setback could bring this talented prospect to the capitol city nine, which would seriously boost the lineup for the duration of his presence. More likely, Myers is headed to Durham for the first six weeks of the campaign, but I like to be optomistic!

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