Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All Star Social

It was very social with the All Stars.
The heat was brutal, some guys were in the sun on the streets, some guys were in the corner of the Alley where the humidity was thick enough to chew.

I have edited some of the photos I took, but it was a tough photo moment even for the pros. The heat was rough and everyone did the best they could to find a cool spot.

Coaches were announced first for the North Division, the home team. All Star coaches Timmons and Lichtenstein seen here.

The visiting team is skippered by Marlon Brando  Dave Berg of Jacksonville.

The announcements weren't as long as they could have been, but the guys tended to group together instead of lining. The Biscuits All Stars were among the first to be brought out.
Snell, Schmidt and Mortensen

Biloxi guys like Nick Ramirez were among the early introductions for the South, the Shuckers having plenty of All Stars after earning a first half crown.

Smokies PJ Francescon and Corey Black with Snell, Schultz and Mortensen

Shuckers enjoying The Alley

The North squad was all smiles.
North Division All Stars

The South division had a loose vibe among them.
South Division All Stars

I was able to bestow a few brews on some of the players, three Pensacola guys were set up in the middle of the road with the sun beating down on them.  "We are in last place, we deserve it" was how their location was explained.

Rivalry or no, I offered and they accepted. Later when I went back by they thanked me and said it was delicious. "Miller High Life," I told them, "proving anything tastes good when you sit in the sun!"

Of course the Biscuits mascots were on hand, both two and four-legged varieties!

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