Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Homestanding

Theres no place like home, theres no place like home....

The Biscuits may not be thinking like Dorothy in Oz with more losses than wins at Riverwalk, but they wont have a choice in the month of June. A ten game homestand opens Saturday against the Mississippi Braves, one of three opponents Montgomery welcomes this month. The Braves are in for five games and then we face the Pensacola Wahoos at the end of next week.

The Biscuits have been unable to get back to .500 and the Braves have a better record.

Its best not to look at the standings, unless there is a series of unnatural occurrences, the Skitz are playing out the string while waiting for the second half.


Saturday be sure to look for the Desmond Jennings Nodder, the biggest giveaway of the season for many Skitz fans. Jennings himself is excited about Rays night, having done a video piece and interacting with fans on twitter about the namesake giveaway.

Jennings is the Biscuits single season leader in stolen bases.

Look For Cats
Blog fans know we love DJ Kitty, and we get to hang with the party cat on Rays night, as well as Raymond, the Rays mascot.

Both fuzzy big league mascots will be in town to represent the parent club in a carpeted, three-fingered fashion, as the Biscuits and Rays heed the demands of the blog!

Look For Dogs
This Sunday is Bark in the Park, always popular with stylish Ms.B.

Look for Former Biscuits Greats...
KD Kang
KD Kang
Victor Mateo and Kyeong Kang bring Biscuit history back to to Riverwalk. The author of the first Riverwalk no-hitter and the only man to lead the Biscuits in HR in back-to-back seasons arrive together as Ms.Braves.

Victor Mateo throws a pitch that will not be hit
Will they play Chocolate Rain when Kang comes to the plate? Lets hope.

Look For Pitchers...
Jason Hursh and Tyrell Jenkins for the Braves, both with excellent skills. Hursh was with Mississip last summer, Jenkins only appearance in Montgomery has been at Academy Sports with the Braves Caravan in February.

For Montgomery, Snell, Schultz and Mortensen have been pretty good too. With such quality starting pitching on both sides, look for games to fall into the hands of the bullpens.

Biscuit pitchers are tops in the league in strikeouts with 421, the Braves are last with 326, yet the Braves 3.47 ERA is more than half a run better than Montgomery's.   

The BS team?
Looks like they will finally get the park open in Biloxi. Team owners were rebuffed when they asked for a pile of taxpayer money, but found the cash themselves to get the park approved. For the mayor it was a no brainer, either approve the park or keep paying ten grand a game!
Either way it will be good to see this zit off the face of the league, letting us move on to the fun on the field.


JUNE 7th 1906
Southern League Umpire Barrett puts three Shreveport players out of the game for kicking (arguing and heckling). Shreveport is compelled to forfeit due to lack of players.

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