Sunday, June 7, 2015

SS Daniel Robertson DL Bound


Daniel Robertson is on his way to the Disabled List, he has injured his hamate bone while in Jacksonville and will require surgery to be performed on Monday.

Robertson has gone back to Tampa for the evaluation, operation and ensuing rehab. This type of injury can be as short as 4-6 weeks, or as long as several months.

We should be seeing more of Hector Guevara on the infield, alongside new arrival Juniel Querecuto, hereafter known simply as "JuneQ".

I admit to avoiding tough to spell names, I spent a guys whole career calling him G-Man instead of learning to spell Mark Grudzielanek (sp?) last name. Its not that I can't spell Juniels last name, but its just so much easier to call him JuneQ.


DJ Kitty was on hand for Rays night, but I guess Raymond skipped the event. Its okay, we have met Raymond a few times, so it was cool to meet a new Rays mascot.

Lots of folks seemed to enjoy meeting DJ Kitty, getting a photo with the Rays-fan feline was a must!

DJ Kitty was available at the autograph area before the game and hung around during the game.  While the lineups were announced, DJ Kitty had a catnap on the field.

Around the third inning or so, it looked like Kitty was missing the Trop's air conditioning and took a bit of a break. However we did get to see DJ Kitty come back and we all had a nice seventh inning stretch and enjoyed the YMCA.

Speedy Catcher DePew
The bobblehead/fireworks/Rays night crowd was treated to a victory, with the Biscuits batting around in the first inning.

Between the lines, the Jake DePew triple was the highlight of the game. Catchers legging out an extra base hit is a thing to watch.

Jake managed to find an extra gear as he rounded the second base bag on the way to his first career three base hit. The crowd went wild!

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