Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Diversion

The GumpSkitz won on the road in Jackson, it was nice as I had the chance to take in the game on the radio. I always enjoy hearing a win on the road, and the team is playing really well to start the season. Not as well as Durham, but that seems to be how the big club sets it up most times.

Strikeouts are fascist in Durham
I thought Matt Buschmann pitched a great game, its always nice when the starter hands the team six shutout innings. Five strikeouts and no walks make for a good trend of starters being stingy with the free passes. A very nice turnaround for MattyB
after his last start on opening day.

In relief Riefenhouser was victim of two long balls, but Sandoval closed the door with a save of the two-inning variety.

The hitting side was full of opportunities, with 11 left on base in the game the score could have been alot higher - but in the end it was Morrison's two out knock that was the big hit of the game for me.

Again we got good production from the bottom of the order, Kiermaier with a pair of hits and Shawn O'malley with one hit and two bases on balls. They both also logged a stolen base off of Mariners prospect starter Walker.

Attended by 976? Ouch. Wasn't that their home opener? Bummer.



Smokies Park

Full Season 70 game price: $499 - save $270 vs per game

Parking pass options: $210per yr / $125 for season ticket holders / $3 per game

20% discount on team store
10% discount at team Cafe
batting practice experience
Season Ticket Holder entrance

magnet schedule
Poster Schedule giveaway
Fur Circus appearance
Bobblehead giveaway, same bobblehead, three different nights

Cap giveaway
Daddy-Daughter Date Night (WTF?)
Cap Giveaway
Jazz Night
Myron Noodleman appearance
BBoy McCoy appearance - this guy is everywhere!

Daddy-Daughter Date Night? Wow. Ok. Uhh, anyways.... 

The promotions are a little scant, but its a very nice savings on the ticket price vs day of game, one of the best in the league for that category. Also cool that they give a dedicated entrance to Season Ticket folks and I believe they open those gates first. It probablt saves standing in line while security checks every diaper bag in line. 

I like the discount at the store and cafe, that should be standard love for Season Ticket Holders for every team. Even the ten percent is something nice to reward the faithful fans and a great way to draw the regulars to one place instead of assorted carts or concessions.

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