Tuesday, April 9, 2013


When you play baseball, always wear the proper gear

I wore my Dominican WBC Manny Ramirez jersey and gave away Biscuit blue-and-yellow beads to as many people as I could. Maybe that helped me get good karma, because I wasn't in the park more than a few minutes before I learned that my Friday night catch was shown on the jumbotron during the weekend, my first highlight reel!

 I knew it was a nice grab on a hot shot, but I didn't expect to have made the replays. I certainly didn't expect to get a "nice catch" from the Barons infielders.
And I didnt even get to see it. I wasnt at the park Saturday or Sunday. Bummer.
Sadly I may not be able to get a copy, as they often clear the video memory cache and I didn't know to ask about it. Ah well, I will just have to make another.


The floodgates opened, and the Skitz started driving the ball the way I think we all hope they will this summer. Robby Price and Mikie Mahtook hit back to back homers as the Biscuits took the game and with it the series.

Rhp Jake Thompson overpowered the Barons with seven strikeouts in six innings. One unearned run was all the stingy starter would allow, giving up just two hits and surrendering zero walks to the delight of pitching coach RC Lichtenstein, manager Billy Gardner Jr and fans like me who keep score.

Glaesmann added a home run of his own in the sixth and the game was handed to the bullpen. Fleming and Sandoval each had one frame with two strikeouts. Riefenhauser pitched the ninth to shut the door and again the Skitz pen made the lead stand up.

The game was not without some controversy when the Barons manager tried to convince the umpires that Prices home run hadn't cleared the bars but had gone through them.

Whenever I take Michelle to the game, she has her own brand of insight and fun observations. At this game it was handing out nicknames, and Todd Glaesmann the victim.

His first at bat of the game she called him G-man. If that wasn't already his nickname it is now, because it is WAY easier to write in the scorebook. Add to the fact that Mark Grudzielanek isnt using it anymore, and from this day forth, Glaesmann, we dub thee "G-Man".


The first callup already. Just one day after being in the team picture Adam Liberatore is off to Durham. This will make at least one fan happy. Mike R. came to me before the game on opening day and beamed "I was the first to boo Liberatore this year, I got him as they announced the team". I had to laugh, they hadn't even sung the national anthem for the first game but our pitchers were already hearing boos!
would you trust this man with a one run lead?

I had my first brew of the season, a delicious Budweiser that Harry Caray would be jealous of. It was delicious and well poured by the new third base concession staff. It appeared that the counter crew had been taught how to pour a work of art! Also, the beer cups have a vertical stripe of advertising that is much less obnoxious than last years ad. Kudos to whoever came up with an effective ad without killing the look of the souvenir cup.

Along with the beer I had my first Cheese-steak sandwich of the year. Fantastic as always, I think its hands down the best food in the park. For six-seventy five its a nice value, no charge for extra peppers and onions, no charge for extra cheese. I skip the jalapeno but this year they have included fresh mushrooms to the sandwich and its a fantastic addition.

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