Friday, April 5, 2013

Season Tix Comparison - Huntsville


The "Joe"


Full Season 70 game price: $385

Parking pass: not listed, but they have you trapped there!
The front gate at the Joe
10% off team store
free playoff tickets if team reaches postseason

Spirit Card giveaway nights
team photo giveaway
youth T Shit give away
Bobblehead giveaway

While trying to keep it factual and limit my opinions presented, I have to say that Joe Davis Stadium is THE WORST! If you have been, you know it to be true that this ballpark is bad. Even among the other parks built in the same era, this one is sadly lacking. 

Similar to the yard in Mobile, the seating for fans is raised above the field about 20 feet. You look down on the game in the same way the Romans saw gladiators at the Coliseum. However, keeping fans away from hungry lions and bloody slaves isnt a concern now, so there is no reason to have the seats so far from the game. 

The view from the stands, similar to the concourse view in other parks!

Add to that the fact the place has been used a pawn in political debates, terrible lighting, and lack of fan friendly access to players. In all, I would say the team probably has a terrible time with season ticket sales and its no wonder the place is nearly empty most game nights that I was in attendance, even in the postseason. 

 So unless you are a die hard Stars fan, its a tough sell on a 70 game commitment, though the price is one of the lower costs per game in the Southern league.

Big crowd for the playoffs!

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