Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game Two Notes

Different Day, Different Results

Game two was much different than game one. For starters, the weather was much nicer. Clear but cool, just short of jacket weather. Both teams seemed to still be feeling out their abilities, trying to take the extra base and stretching out their base stealing skills.

Both pitching staffs allowed one earned, with the Biscuits picking up the victory on a Kiermaier RBI triple. The bottom half of the lineup was productive again, Kiermaier with two well struck balls for hits and already looking to move up from the ninth spot in the batting order.

Liberatore nailed down a two inning save, Marquis Fleming also with a pair of frames earned the win. The two relievers combined for five K's and allowed only one hit after Albert Suarez departed. Suarez pitched well, striking out five in five innings to earn a no decision in spite of having to pitch well in traffic - the Barons seemed to have runners on every inning.

In the end it was good to get the first victory of the season in the books!

Today I was able to defend my position - a pretty hot shot was hit our direction that I managed to snag!
The one hopper had a little mustard on it, enough that the crowd gasped when they saw a scorcher was hit towards the seats. I stood up, gloved with a sweeping snag and took a bow when I got a nice hand from the crowd.
I knew I played it well when first base coach Ozzie Timmons said "....its about time..."

Its weird, because I knew this one had my number. Seriously. I had nightmares about that drive all offseason! I just KNEW there was a hard hit ball coming my way early in the first series, and I would have to be on my guard or risk injury. I will still be on my guard, especially now that I have written about getting one, I know there may be another one lurking!

Vogt taken away

Former Skitz catcher Stephen Vogt was dealt to Oakland for the ever-popular PTBNL.

I once complained about a bad trade the Cubs had made "we gave them a great pitcher and in return we got jack squat!"

"What position does he play?" Michelle replied.



I thought it would be good to take a look at our teams hitting coaches, and see what we can find out! We have had some great characters!


Skeeter Barnes was the first Skitz Hitz Coach -

Skeeter Barnes
Uhm, lets see.... Honestly, I don't recall.

I know he was here, he is in the program and media guide. The team was so new and so bad, he must have been busy trying to teach guys how to do something that wasn't coming to them naturally!

I wish I had a good story about Skeeter & the Skitz, as it would have made a fantastic headline, but simply put, right now I got nothin'.

HECTOR 2005 & 2007

La Maleta - The Suitcase

For two stints we had Hector Torres as our hitting coach and first base box stander. I didnt start off knowing much about Hector but he was a good guy and turned out to be a pretty nice fellow once you broke through the tough veteran surface. Torres won the Little League World Series as a pitcher with Monterrey, becoming just the second non-USA team to go all the way in Little League World Series history.

I learned that fact from the back of his baseball card, a 1971 topps that I brought for him to sign. The card fell into the hands of the players standing around, they obviously enjoyed seeing what Coach Torres looked like 35 years ago!  They teased him about his age, and got a hearty laugh at his dramatic denial to my question "Were they called the Colt 45s when you played for Houston?"
Colt 45's? I'm not THAT damn old!

NEXT TIME in Skitz Hitz Coachez: Ben Oglivie



AT&T Field Chattanooga Tn
Full Season 70 game price: $400 - saves 37% vs per game

Parking pass: n/a

Batting practice invitation
10% off gift shop - on ONE purchase! Cheapskates!

Promotions: magnet schedule
rally towel
Zooperstars appearance, TWICE
Myron Noodleman appearance
Breakin BBoy McCoy, TWICE
Baseball card giveaway

Hmm, looks like 'Nooga doesnt offer much, but they also dont charge much, so the value there seems pretty much on track. I like that they double up on bringing Zooperstars, and while I dont know BBoy McCoy I can see that Lookouts fans will be able to tell me all about it! They also have some very nice prospects either on the team or on the way, so the Puig appearance isnt listed but is definitely scheduled.
Historic Engel Stadium, former home of the Lookouts

I havent personally attended a Lookouts game, but they have one of the most storied franchises in the Southern League - along with the Birmingham Barons these two teams stretch back almost as far as the history in Montgomery. 

I have been past AT&T Field, the ballpark looks like a gem! Nestled in the heart of the city the park is visible from the interstate and it looks SO inviting. It really did draw me in, I think the price is probably a pretty good value in spite of the lack of promotions!

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